Several rich countries have agreed to contribute and develop risk insurance systems, but it is preferable that most measures are aimed at preventing L&D. This requires non-financial responses to non-economic losses, such as the loss of land or even disappearing nations and people remain stateless and stateless. But let`s take a closer look at this new universal climate agreement. However, it is important to remember that the Paris Agreement is not static. Instead, it aims to support countries` national efforts over time, meaning that current commitments are the ground, not the ceiling, for climate change ambitions. Heavy lifting – further reducing emissions by 2030 and 2050 – still needs to be done, and the agreement provides the tools to ensure this happens. In quantifying the damage caused by carbon pollution to society, Trump views America as an island in itself — and we all know what climate change does to the islands. The Paris Agreement brings a great historic change. This is due to its universality, which applies to all nations. This is also because the agreement clearly shows all stakeholders that the world is moving towards a paradigm that takes into account the reality of the fight against climate change. This is already reflected in the stock markets – in the days following the adoption of this agreement, stock market movements showed a shift from fossil fuels to renewables.

Although this agreement is weak and there are many flaws, it is the best result we can expect from all governments on the planet. .