VAT only applies to payments you make during the term of the lease. This can significantly reduce the amount of VAT you pay in relation to financing and therefore monthly payments. Smf End Lease-End Returns: If you do not wish to use the rental extension and would like to coordinate the return of your vehicle, please contact Subaru Motors Finance. Assuming your vehicle is in good condition and you are below your allocated miles, you simply return the vehicle each time the car returns and pay the disposal fee (most brands waive it if you rent another vehicle with them). If you decide to make repairs to your vehicle, contact Subaru Motors Finance before returning it. Subaru Motors Finance will check the repairs and apply all credits to your final rental bill. If you decide to make your subaru rented, there are some things to know: Usually, car rental for 36 months, but they can be as short as 24 months. While it is possible to rent a vehicle for less than 24 months, the conditions of such leasing are generally not favourable and we do not recommend them in most cases. Depending on what you want and how long you want to keep it, leasing can be less expensive than buying the vehicle. If you want to drive the vehicle for less than six years, two three-year leases are generally less expensive than buying the vehicle and selling it at the end of the life. As a general rule, a rental agreement has a specified number of miles that the vehicle can drive before paying an additional fee. It`s usually 10,000, 12,000 or 15,000 miles a year, but if you think you`re going to go, it may be a good idea to buy extra miles in advance. To get an idea of how many miles you use, you go to work every day and multiply them by 260.

You can probably make a few extra trips on the weekend, so add 10 to 20%. If you are travelling nearby or on the allocated mileage, you can purchase additional miles in advance so you don`t run into an overrun fee at the end of the lease. Keep in mind that the manufacturer has essentially agreed to buy back the vehicle for the residual value. This value is based on assumptions such as mileage and vehicle condition. If the vehicle is over a mileage, it is probably worth less than the residual value and the manufacturer must be compensated for this difference by overtaking charges. Since the last payment for your leased Subaru is due one month before the actual lease date, it is important that you consider cancelling any recurring payments that you may have set up to avoid overpayment of your leasing account. As you near the end of your lease, it`s important to understand your options so you can choose the one that`s right for you.