One of the closest forms of Singapore Airlines` cooperation with partner airlines is the “codeshare marketing carrier” refers to the airline that sells the ticket for a flight. If the first flight of your itinerary is by a partner airline, you must check in at the partner airline`s website or counter, even if your flight code starts with the SQ. If you are travelling with several airlines, your luggage will be different for your itinerary on individual tickets, conjunction tickets and separate tickets. The ticket you check in depends on the airline that makes the first flight in your itinerary. For example: “Most Significant Marketing Carrier” is the airline whose code appears on the ticket for the longest or most important geographic stretch of travel. There are two conditions that you need to know if you fly multiple airlines: if your itinerary is booked on separate tickets, the amount of free baggage printed on each ticket applies. A young child is entitled to 10 kg of free luggage. If you are travelling with a young child, you can register an item in the following two categories: The amount of baggage for Singapore Airlines applies on the Singapore-Bangkok flight, while the deductible is valid for Airline A on Bangkok-Stockholm flights. Keep in mind that the actual airline`s travel conditions apply when travelling on a codeshare flight by our codeshare partner and that these may differ from Singapore Airlines` terms and conditions (for example. B free luggage).

Please visit the website of our partner carriers below for full details of the specific terms of sale. You must urgently prevent yourself from putting precious and fragile items in your hold luggage, such as z.B.: If you are registering a bulky object at Singapore Changi Airport, it should not exceed 200 cm (length) x 75 cm (width) x 80 cm (height). If you are a member of PPS Club or KrisFlyer Elite Gold, you also get an extra amount of luggage on SilkAir. If you are travelling on Scoot to Djiddah, enjoy a second meal, water with a free river and an extra 5 kg for Zamzam water. Singapore (SG) -> Bangkok (stop; Airline A) -> Copenhagen (no stopover; Airline B) -> Stockholm To enjoy the comfort of improved frequency and a greater choice of destinations than any of Singapore Airlines` product offerings.